Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dove Update

Greetings from Cape Town

It’s time for a dove update. Remember these eggs were laid the day we arrived in Cape Town. The squabs are moving around on their own, feeling their oats, ducking away from me when I approach the nest. Hopefully they are not ready to try out their wings. It’s a long way down from the 11th floor.

Just in case you thought we had forgotten about writing to all of you, not so. It’s just taking a bit longer than expected to organize the next series of notes. We have a set of Drakensberg messages and one on the local Methodist church. It’s a historic place and I hope you will enjoy reading about it no matter your religion or lack thereof.

I wish all of you could be here. The weather is very interesting. It was hot and sunny on Monday, around 90F. Towards evening a breeze blew in and the cooling began – an extremely pleasant sleeping night, around 63F. The morning dog walk was quite brisk and the old dog (and I) enjoyed the cool temps. Tuesday has been mostly cloudy and cool, unusual for Cape Town. The high today was around 73F. Wednesday should also be cool but you never can be certain. I’m planning some yard work at B&K’s place. We’re rebuilding some terraces and moving stones and dirt – cool weather will be appreciated.

That’s all for now. Blessings to all.


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