Friday, December 12, 2008

Trailer Park Flash

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a little boy and girl were adopted by a woman and her husband. Now this mom and dad had been adventurers all of their lives but had never had time for a family, until it was almost too late. (All characters in this story are completely fictional and do not represent anyone living or otherwise.)

Mom and dad had really enjoyed their lives, traveling to wonderful places, meeting all kinds of strange and exotic people, so they wished their children to experience the same kinds of things. When little Rob and Sasha got to be a bit older and begin attending school, mom and dad bought a camper and began to take them around the country.

They visited with the Eskimos, danced with them, ate seals and rubbed noses. Rob really liked the nose thing and Sasha really liked the fur coats – they were warm. When the weather got too cold they packed up their mukluks and drove the camper to a warmer place, a place in Wyoming where wolves and coyotes gathered around a geyser to sing to the moon and stay warm in the thermal baths. Some of the wolves even drank their bath water!

It was a wonderful life for Sasha and Rob. They camped out all over the world and really grew to love that lifestyle. Fast forward about twenty years. Sasha and Rob had gone their separate ways but the childhood memories remained. They were fond memories, but reality told them the memories were all in the past.

And then one day Sasha’s real estate agent called her and said, “Sasha, I have this really terrific opportunity for you. I have this historic hotel in the middle of the world’s favorite city, and the price is right.” Sasha had been toying with the idea of opening a Bed & Breakfast, or of buying a campground so this offer was interesting. The price was right, for two people, so she naturally thought of her brother, Rob.

Rob happened to be between jobs and flew in to check it out. “This is a good place, could be great with some changes. Let’s do it!”

That was the easy part. Then came the rehab challenges. It was a historic building so there were limits on what they could do to it. Painting was permitted so they did that. Sign changes were ok, so the place became “The Grand Daddy” and another idea grew.

“Do you think it would be possible to do something on our roof?” Sasha asked Rob. “You mean up there in the sun where the air-conditioning units sit?” Rob asked incredulously. “Yes,” Sasha replied, “up there in all that wasted space. We could hide the unsightly with clever fences and create our own campground.”

“Campground!?” said Rob. “In the middle of the city? What would the neighbors think? Who would want to camp out on a roof in the middle of the most beautiful city in the world?”

I would,” said Sasha, “and there others like us who would find it quirky and cool. We can hire a crane to lift Airstreams to the roof, do some roofscaping and some lounge furniture. We’ll call it “The Venue” and advertise it on the internet. It will be a trailer-trash magnet.”

“Don’t forget the grills and the bar,” said Rob. “This just might work.”

And so it was born.

The Airstream Penthouse Park (opens Dec 2008) is the only trailer park penthouse suite in the world; this experience is more trailer park flash than trailer park trash. The Penthouse Park comprises seven original Airstream trailers (ranging in size, model and origin) imported from the USA.

Each Airstream has been handed over to an artist or designer, in order to reinvent them as a collection of creative and conceptual moving rooms. Not that these rooms are going anywhere…firmly entrenched in the garden of The Grand Daddy’s rooftop, they are an offbeat alternative to conventional hotel accommodation and an excellent location for a private celebration with a small group of friends or family.

All the Airstream trailers are air-conditioned and have modern plumbing and electricity so their not just for Girl Guides and Wilderness Willies. In fact, the iconic Airstream is cleverly kitted out, luxurious and comfortable.

The Airstream Park is where the journey continues.

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